1968-1969/ Gelatin silver on photography paper.

8 x 10 inches.

Lumagrams are work in photography made by hand-painting slides, films and projections. The word is a junction of the Latin words for “light” and “writing”.

To produce Videograms, Tambellini placed “photo paper directly in front of its glass screen and proceeded to quickly turn it on and off. Electrons whiz through a vacuum smashing into the phosphor coating on the interior of the screen, illuminating pixels to produce the videograms”, resulting in unique camera-less images. These works were inspired by an old toy given by his mother: a battery operated projector called Lanterna Magica. 

Furthermore, Lumagrams and Videograms integrated new media devices into a new art form including theater, music and dance to build sensory multimedia installations. According to curator Tina Rivers Ryan, Tambellini created  “one of the first video art sculptures, Black Spiral, which he included in 1969’s “TV as a creative medium”, the first exhibition of video art in the United States”.